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Spreadable EP007 - Headspace

Headjam’s Maya 2016 Render Farm

Headjam have purchased four new render nodes (computer slaves) to accelerate render times and shorten video production timeframes, this is aimed at improving our work and also reducing the costs to our clients. Using our network, our studio’s animation workstation controls the slaves. Maya splits up rendering tasks and distributes the workload amongst all slave machines on the network.

Typo Tuesday in Portugal: “Azedo”

This week on Typo Tuesday the search for great typography sees us fly away to Portugal, to meet designer Pedro Azedo and check out his (free!) font, “Azedo”.

Oh Yeah Wow: Anarchy, Chaos and Giant Blue Monsters

Seen that film clip with the giant blue monster that knows sign language? Or the one with Aloe Blacc and the crochet flying squid? Or Gotye's plasticine blood? They're a few of Oh Yeah Wow's clips - a remarkable group of creatives, responsible for making a bunch of films you will not forget in a hurry. Headjam's copywriter Benjamin Matthews got a chance to chat with Darcy Prendergast, their Director, Animator and Sultan in Training about what makes them tic.

Typo Tuesday: HelvetiCandy!

This week on Typo Tuesday its the sweet sweet return of Helvetica, the type face everybody wants to mod - and now, its HelvetiCandy!

Typo Tuesday: the Mysterious Illuminati

This week on Typo Tuesday we delve into the mysterious realms of the illuminati, with a font face from typography resource group, YouWorkForThem.

Typo Tuesday: Going Loopy!

This weeks Typo Tuesday is a bit special for us here at Headjam. Since we've been so busy the last couple of weeks with our many fabulous clients we haven't had the chance to put together a blog post for a little while. But we're hoping this post of looping letters will make up for our neglect. Enjoy.

Patch Sinclair: Interview with an Animator

Patch Sinclair is an illustrator and animator who innovates to convert her artwork into film clips, and her work has been described as a "mash up of uncanny science and design" that "feature stark watercolour compositions and dense chaotic musings". Sound interesting?

Typo Tuesday: 3D Epic by Lex Wilson

This week on Typo Tuesday we feature the 3D typography of Lex Wilson, an amazing illustrator based in Cambridge in the UK.

Headjam @Semi-Permanent 2014

Headjam creative agency is feeling inspired after rocking down to Sydney last week for the epic 2014 Semi-Permanent creative festival.

Typo Tuesday: Neapolitan Games

Headjam loves Italian creative, and this week Type O Tuesday features the typography of Neapolitan designer Giuseppe De Luca, whose artwork runs laughing and squealing through the yard like a kid a birthday party.

The Headjam Process: Broadcast

Click here to see watch an animation by creative agency Headjam. This info graphic explains their process on broadcast.

Typo Tuesday: Animated Typography

Click here to read and watch animated typography, or 'animography' take typeface to the next level. Created by the Dutch company, Calango these typefaces can't keep still!

The Headjam Process: Web Design

Web + Digital encompasses a number of disciplines that Headjam undertakes. These include: website, intranet and extranet design and development; user interface design; and application, game and database design and development.

Amazing Animation: Malika Favre

We love this animation clip by French Designer Malika Favre!

Amazing Animation: Metamorphosis

Video created by Buck as an advertisement for a book company. It creates an incredible Hunter S. Thompson vibe complete with Kafka references and amazing animation. A second video is included with the explanation of the making.

Amazing Animation: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Our animators love this piece and the breakdown of animation from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It shows how work can seamlessly come together without one element or process of production overwhelming another.

Newcastle Museum Toys

It's only two weeks until the Toys animation at the Newcastle Museum closes. Make sure you get down there this weekend for some fun times with all the family no matter how young or old :-)

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