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The New Aesthetic of Music

Vinyl is back - a deliciously large, square blank canvas for design.

Frat Friday: It's hip to be square

In this Friday Frat, the Headjam team were carefully monitored by adults while they handled scissors and craft glue to create their very own hipster logos.

Typo Tuesday: Less Is More

This week on Typo Tuesday Headjam features Minim, a hip new project from Spanish designer Ion Lucin that displays his diverse skillset and sophisticated philosophy: "simple yet complicated, less but better".

Typo Tuesday: Deliciously Drawn

Headjam’s design team love to innovate in their delicious work collaborating with Snow’s Artisan Bakers, and this week’s Typo Tuesday is no exception. We used hand drawn lettering on these cake boxes, and in a bunch of other artwork you can see at the Snow’s website and in signage.

Typo Tuesday: Colonial Characters

Headjam loves good creative process and rationale within typography. South African Designer Osmond Tshuma's Colonial Bastard Rhodes Typeface has just this.

Typo Tuesday: A Brush with Typography

Headjam loves the creative direction London-based design team Sawdust brings. Their acrylic typography, Flow, is a stroke of genius!

Typo Tuesday: Riveting Ribbon

Headjam loves Typographer Julia Agisheva's Ribbon typography. This calligraphic typeface is elegant and neat.

Typo Tuesday: Splendid Spectacles

What spectacles to behold! We want these in Newcastle! Japanese company TYPE has created eyeglasses for fonts Helvetica and Garamond, both fonts we're fond.

Typo Tuesday: Straight Up Typography

Aniko Vereb gives it to us straight! With vibrant pinks and deep shades of blue, a perfect combination of structure and diversity has been created by this designer.

Typo Tuesday: Indeskribable

Typography you'll need to take a seat for! Click to view Benoit Challand's Fold Yard typography to really inspire your office design!

Typo Tuesday: Foxy Feixen

If you're looking for something funky, foxy and fonty, look no further than Felix Pfäffli from Switzerland! Click to get funky!

Typo Tuesday: Parqa Pandemonium

Italian designer Marco Oggian has a thing for blowing people's mind with his Parqa Typeface, complete with rapid-moving GIF that we can't watch too much without feeling a seizure coming on. Check it out!

Typo Tuesday: Look Twice

Wang Zhi Hong's typography, Ingenuity Follows Nature, has curvature and mystery. Click to check out the combination of black brush strokes and torn paper that he appears to have used as the medium.

Typo Tuesday: Bone-Chilling!

French phrases, typography, and skulls with many colour schemes. What better way to celebrate Halloween and Day of the dead? Happy Typo Tuesday!

Typo Tuesday: Spinning Perspectives

Typo Tuesday this week has our heads spinning! Check out our blog on this perspective typography with hypnotizing GIFs!

Typo Tuesday: Paper Possibilities

London/Spanish Designer Lobulo has plenty of creative work to browse, but an article announcing the arrival of his Atype artwork has us absolutely astounded!

Typo Tuesday: Chineasy

Headjam's Typo Tuesday feautres the inspirational Chineasy typography that will change the way people learn Chinese!  

Typo Tuesday: Expressions of the Alphabet

For Typo Tuesday Headjam features Chiara Vercesi, a designer from Amsterdam who has an alphabet full of feeling. Click here to see typography with all kinds of expressions!

Typo Tuesday: Toying with Typography

Click to see some inspiring typefaces similar to children's toys, created by Vincente Garcia Morillo.

Typo Tuesday: Speaking Sign Language

Typography through hand painted signs! Click to see some fantastic Sydney-based signage. An exhibition put on by The Opening Hours.

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