We'd say Julia Agisheva really deserves some kind of ribbon for her recent typography, but that might be a little unnecessary. Her display typeface is a 2d representation of a 3d object, aptly titled 'Ribbon.

This calligraphic typeface is elegant and neat. She's brought depth to this typography, as you can imagine a piece of ribbon wrapping around letterform. We love how when we look at this, we're reminded of marks made with calligraphy pens with angled nibs.

Julia lives in London, and along with ribbons, she's tied up in all kinds of projects. Her Behance page showcases everything from packaging to collages. Check out her websitewhich will soon be updated with new projects.

Typo Tuesday: Riveting Ribbon Typo Tuesday: Riveting Ribbon Typo Tuesday: Riveting Ribbon

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