Australian singer-songwriter, musician and all-time great human, Emily Barker, collaborated with Headjam recently on the album art, photography and music video for some new work. 

In a recent interview, she was asked to talk about the cover art for her new album, Fragile as Humans. Emily said the following...

"For the first time, I was able to work with a creative agency, Headjam, based in New South Wales in Australia. I had a meeting with them–8 people, graphic designers, photographers, videographers–and they had my mini blurb about each song and the record. They asked me so many questions about the album, what films I love, what books I read, what art I enjoy, to get an idea of my personal aesthetic, I suppose.

The album cover comes from [a line on] the song “The Quiet Ways”, “budding branch on fallen tree,” and it’s partly inspired by [the line on] “Feathered Thing”, “I went to the burnt-out woods / A tourist with some damaged goods.” In Australia, just like many other parts of the world, we deal with fire. It’s that balance of hope and grief where a piece of wood has been burned but there’s green growing from it.

It was amazing to work with this team of professionals and not have to come up with ideas. They came back with this beautiful package, a video treatment for “Wild to Be Sharing”, and the graphics and photography of the album.

It feels like a strong continuation of the narrative. It feels really cohesive.

I love what they’ve come up with."


Read the full interview here.

Emily Barker - Wild to be Sharing This Moment (official music video)

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