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Oh Yeah Wow: Anarchy, Chaos and Giant Blue Monsters

Seen that film clip with the giant blue monster that knows sign language? Or the one with Aloe Blacc and the crochet flying squid? Or Gotye's plasticine blood? They're a few of Oh Yeah Wow's clips - a remarkable group of creatives, responsible for making a bunch of films you will not forget in a hurry. Headjam's copywriter Benjamin Matthews got a chance to chat with Darcy Prendergast, their Director, Animator and Sultan in Training about what makes them tic.

Headjam @Semi-Permanent 2014

Headjam creative agency is feeling inspired after rocking down to Sydney last week for the epic 2014 Semi-Permanent creative festival.

Frat Friday: Halloween Hilarity and Role Reversals

With the seven Headjammers available last Friday, we took our typical job roles that we have and went crazy, reassigning ourselves new jobs, based on the title we drew.

The Headjam Process: Project Management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organising, managing, leading and controlling resources for all creative projects. It is what sets us apart. It is what ensures our creative is not only extraordinary, but is also delivered on budget and on time.

Inspiring Interactive: Video Painting

Video painting by Sweateshoppe will change the way you look at murals, street art and the potentials for public space everywhere.

The Headjam Process: Web Design

Web + Digital encompasses a number of disciplines that Headjam undertakes. These include: website, intranet and extranet design and development; user interface design; and application, game and database design and development.

Amazing Animation: Malika Favre

We love this animation clip by French Designer Malika Favre!

Amazing Animation: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Our animators love this piece and the breakdown of animation from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It shows how work can seamlessly come together without one element or process of production overwhelming another.

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