Welcome to Spreadable TV

Welcome to Spreadable TV where we dive into our projects and show you our workings.... Super awesome fun times ahead! x

Welcome to Spreadable TV.


I think this is a little bit META—we are talking about Spreadable TV on the Spreadable Blog. Is that the correct use of META? I am sure someone will tell me—comment below.

We wanted to talk a little bit about our process in the Headjam studio across a range of projects we have completed recently. This is a response to our need to generate content to stay relevant and competitive but also because we often don’t spend the time to reflect and celebrate our work. Which we should do because we are a little team and we make nice things and that is important.
The Headjam team will feature on Spreadable TV as your hosts of the project. They will also interview the team members who have contributed to that particular project. Which means, you should start to get to know a bit about the team members. Which is probably a good thing.
It also is a nice opportunity to touch back in with our clients once the creative haze of the project has settled.
What a win! 
We had a great deal of fun creating the intro to the video. Turns out people eating toast is hilarious. Shout out to the Sherwood who cooked the toast to “production perfection”—their in house jam is just divine, you must try it.
We hope you subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook—it should be hopefully a nice blend of insightful and embarrassing.
Luke, Sara and Helen x

Welcome to Spreadable TV

Welcome to Spreadable TV

Welcome to Spreadable TV

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