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An Interview with Melbourne Illustrator Zahra Zainal

Read about the day in the life of Melbourne artist and illustrator Zahra Zainal.

Typo Tuesday: Speaking Sign Language

Typography through hand painted signs! Click to see some fantastic Sydney-based signage. An exhibition put on by The Opening Hours.

The Headjam Process: Broadcast

Click here to see watch an animation by creative agency Headjam. This info graphic explains their process on broadcast.

Typo Tuesday: Sublime Sawdust

Today's Typo Tuesday features London-based typographers Sawdust. They create fantastic snakelike numbers in black and white that suck you in and take you on a mind trip. Click to see more.

Typo Tuesday: Animated Typography

Click here to read and watch animated typography, or 'animography' take typeface to the next level. Created by the Dutch company, Calango these typefaces can't keep still!

An Interview with Melbourne Web Developer Isaac Williams

When he begins a new job, his first thought is always 'what does it feel like to use? What does it fell like to scroll or push a button or to watch an object bounce.' Isaac likes programming because you can develop the way a person sees, hears and touches.

Typo Tuesday: Children of Bolduc

Canadian typographer Phillippe Cossette uses the same shape and just a few colours to make exquisite typography including some great GIFs!

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