Frat Friday - You're the DJ

At Headjam we believe music is an important part of our work, so this Frat Friday we took the task of selecting music very seriously.

As music seems to reveal a unique part of the people what better way to combine creative album art work with a curated list. So after a bit of chatting all the teams got to task creating some epic tune stories.

The Brief:

You're all going to be a DJ. Create a playlist and album artwork that matches the feeling for the playlist.

The Creative Teams

Team One

Helen and Jace - our broadcast designer and illustrator teamed up.

Playlist name: 24hr Party People - by Jace & Helen AKA Jalen


"We wanted to bring back the vibe of the live music that we have experienced in the last year."

Fancy Dress Inspiration

The Process

Frat Friday - You're the DJ

The outcome

Frat Friday - You're the DJ

Team Two

Luke, Sarah & James

Playlist name: Magical Mystery Tour


"A magical journey, transcending time and space from one end of the 60's to the 80's - let us take you on a acid trippy experience you'll never forget."

The Process:

Pencil Album Artwork

Team Three

Candice and Sara

Playlist name: Glitter Storm by Candy and Sara


"If there was a sound to pink, sparkly glitter, this would be it! It's a treat for your ears and will uplift and enlighten your world. Just try having a bad day when you're listening to this...we dare you!"

Mixed Media Album Artwork

Bringing it all together

The Outcome

Glitter Storm - Album Artwork


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