February is a great month. It’s the month of The Dominican Independence Day, The Dominican Carnival (I’m proudly Dominican, so I had to mention my country first), The Venice Carnival, Rio Carnival and The Mardi Gras!

In case this is the first time you’re reading our blog, every Friday morning we get together as a team and do an activity together. It’s a great way to start the last day of the week and I always have so much fun.

This time, it was my turn to plan our Frat Friday activity. I took all Headjammers through a journey to this magical, happy country, full of colour, 15,601.24 km away from Newcastle, The Dominican Republic. If you are wondering how did I end up in Australia, that’s a story for another blog.


The Dominican Republic is a Latin country in The Caribbean.

Dominicans celebrate their independence throughout February with a Carnival Festival.

For my first Frat, I wanted to bring the carnival spirit to Headjam.


Split in three different teams and create a carnival mask with a concept. It doesn’t have to be similar to the Dominican masks, but the best concept carnival mask concept, wins the challenge. 

Time: 1 hour to create. 10 extra minutes to finish the final details.



The Fire PheonixThe-Fire-Fenix

Concept: This mask represents a risen Phoenix that emerged to bring equality for all. It celebrates brave, passionate people. Those who make our world a better place. Those who are not afraid of being who they are.

Into a Black Hole


Concept: The mask was created to simulate the universe and the power of the black holes. There's a popular science fiction believe that black holes can transport you to another dimension. A dimension where you can be whatever you want to be.

Day and Night


Concept: This mask celebrates the beauty of transformations. It symbolises the change from night to day, from darkness to light, from death to life.


It was really challenging to choose a winner because I loved what the teams created, but I had to. The winner team of this challenge was 'The Fire Phoenix' team because they were the ones who best met the brief. Carnival Festivals are meant to be fun, full of energy and colours. I could definitely wear this mask to go to a carnival. 

2312E1C4-7A27-4351-AE52-8781D70777D8Of course, that's only my opinion. At the end, we're all winners. We all had fun.

What's your favourite mask? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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