This week on Typo Tuesday we take a look at a great design school in LA dedicated to the teaching the fundamental skills of typography: TypeEd.

Headjam admire the fact that here, the focus is on design as craftsmanship, on taking your time to engage typography and to create under close guidance in small groups.

They set out to fill the void between formal study and industry, as universities and technical colleges drop typography and other fundamentals to squeeze in new disciplines like motion and web based design.

TypeEd is evidence of a new movement in the design industry back toward the fundamentals, where (paradoxically) growing automation via digital technology parallels the elevation of a hands on approach, and typography is now a must have component of the agency skill set.

TypeEd is based in a chic, renovated loft in the historic centre of downtown LA, where you learn typography in this beautiful stone building - seems appropriate to study an ancient discipline for modern purposes in such a setting.

Check out their site here, and their blog here.

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TypeEd Typography School TypeEd Typography School TypeEd Typography School TypeEd Typography School

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