The only thing better than great typography is great typography that also teaches you another language. We've seen this once before on Typo Tuesday, when Shaolan taught us Chineasy, and now it's here again in the form of a handy alphabet. This language should be a little easier to learn than Mandarin.

Yong Wen Yeu illustrated a new display typeface which teaches sign language from A to Z, complete with numbers 0 - 10. He includes a quick GIF for those extra-fast learners. We're crossing our fingers for more styles like this!!

Rather than illustrating common sign language that involves head and body movements, instead he's created images for what is often called fingerspelling. There are over 40 different alphabets for fingerspelling worldwide. Yong doesn't specify which language he's using, and we wonder how interchangeable they are.

YWY is based in Malaysia, and along with his fingerspelling typeface, he has a wide variety of creative styles to browse. On his Behance page he states "I believe that things come out from nothing, just keep trying something new." You can learn more about him by visiting his LinkedIn page.

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