The sky is the limit with this week's Typo Tuesday. In 2007, a German designer and photographer named Lisa Rienermann took some photographs from the ground looking up. People do this all the time now on social media, but Rienermann was not taking your standard Instagram cloud shots.

Carefully constructed framework built with the use of perspective and space, these letter forms are fabulous. They are three dimensional, they are constant, but you can only find them in a fleeting moment.

Rienermann's photos have won awards in New York and were also used for a variety of advertising campaigns including Mercedes.

As artists, the Headjam team find her method familiar. When entering the fields of design or photography, a common assignment is to use a camera for finding letters or shapes in everyday objects. The reason behind this is to train your brain to look at typical life differently.

We love looking at the world from new angles, especially when we find some typography along the way!

Typo Tuesday: Sky Writing Typo Tuesday: Sky Writing Typo Tuesday: Sky Writing Typo Tuesday: Sky Writing

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