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Spreadable EP 009 - This Is Not Art

Spreadable EP 008 - Allambi Care

Spreadable EP007 - Headspace

Spreadable EP 006 - High Tea With Mrs Woo

Spreadable EP 002 - Susuru

Welcome to Spreadable Episode 002! Click to view our process behind the scenes for the project for Susuru!

Spreadable EP 001 - SHAC

Welcome to Spreadable Episode 001! Click to view our process behind the scenes for the project for SHAC!

Social media, Marketing Automation and 2015!

2015 has been the year of some substantial changes to the way in which we engage with online content, advertising on Social media has never been more saturated, mobile usage continues to grow and dominate the online world, rumours have come and gone on the future of advertising on these mobile devices due to operating system updates such as Apple’s iOS 9. Oh and Facebook launched instagram advertising.

An Interview with Newcastle Typographer Sophie Elinor

Newcastle-based typographer Sophie Elinor shares with Headjam the details on her brand new typeface and the history of the Ampercaln

A Teeny Peek Into Headjam Creative

Headjam was delighted to have Athene Rhodes come in for work experience late in 2013. Athene came all the way from the Central Coast for this opportunity, and she also happens to be the sister of our lovely designer Anna Rhodes!

Great by Association

History suddenly becomes fascinating and fashionable as Great by Association gives each new t-shirt owner a direct connection to interesting historical famous people, all born on the same day.

An Interview with Headjam's latest Nora Mironov

How could 21-year-old West Australian Nora Mironov have known that when she embarked on her month long internship with Headjam, she wouldn't need her return ticket home?

Typo Tuesday: Teen Typographer in Newcastle

Local Novocastrian Elizabeth Hurley interned for a week at Headjam. During her time she did heaps of research for us on the art of typography, and then she created her own!

Newcastle Museum Toys

It's only two weeks until the Toys animation at the Newcastle Museum closes. Make sure you get down there this weekend for some fun times with all the family no matter how young or old :-)

Newcastle Museum Animation behind the scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of the Newcastle animation we created in October 2012.

Headjam Portfolio 2012

November 2012 marks Headjam's 10th year of producing focused visual communication solutions. To celebrate we printed a special portfolio with some of our favorite work from the last 10 years.

Newcastle Museum - Waste as Art

"Waste as Art" is on at the Newcastle Museum at the moment! Awesome dinos made out of house hold rubbish, check it out before it goes...

Like Yesterday

The wonderful Micky Pinkerton has just launched her new blog check it out!

Merry Christmas from the team at Headjam

The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast is a concept album and subsequent live rock opera appearing in 1974 and 1975 respectively, based on the children's book of the same title.

Red Lantern Markets!

Here are some images from The Red Lantern Night Markets that took place in Newcastle last weekend, a fantastic success, congratulations to everyone involved. Enjoy!

This Is Not Art 2011

For those of you that don't know, TINA or This is Not Art is an annual arts festival held in Newcastle celebrating writers, performers, thinkers, musicians, creative researchers, electronic artists and DIY culture makers.

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