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Typo Tuesday: Emraan Mayow’s Ancient Hip

Check out these themed variations on traditional typography, they contain slashes of tribal drive that moves at angles across upper case lettering, reminding us of the importance of being a student of history.

Typo Tuesday: Floral Flurish

Typo Tuesday time! This week’s typography comes from self-taught designer Antonio Rodrigues Jr. from London, England.

Typo Tuesday: Tough Typography

At Headjam, we love finding typography that is a result of complex thought and creative direction. Spanish Typographer Giselle Vitali demonstrates this with her Musculante typography.

A Teeny Peek Into Headjam Creative

Headjam was delighted to have Athene Rhodes come in for work experience late in 2013. Athene came all the way from the Central Coast for this opportunity, and she also happens to be the sister of our lovely designer Anna Rhodes!

Typo Tuesday: Look Twice

Wang Zhi Hong's typography, Ingenuity Follows Nature, has curvature and mystery. Click to check out the combination of black brush strokes and torn paper that he appears to have used as the medium.

Typo Tuesday: Bone-Chilling!

French phrases, typography, and skulls with many colour schemes. What better way to celebrate Halloween and Day of the dead? Happy Typo Tuesday!

Typo Tuesday: Healthy Typography

Filipino artist Hanako Amihan has created watercolour vegetable typography! Click to be inspired by these healthy characters!

Typo Tuesday: Get Hooked!

The work of Sophie Roach is full of mysterious maze-like structures. We're also digging the groovy 60s vibe. While this isn't your typical Typo Tuesday typography, we challenge anyone not to get hooked on these designs!

Typo Tuesday: Sky Writing

German designer and photographer Lisa Rienermann gets her inspiration from looking up. In an urban environment, she photographs of the sky and somehow reveals typography.

Inspiring Interactive: Video Painting

Video painting by Sweateshoppe will change the way you look at murals, street art and the potentials for public space everywhere.

Typo Tuesday: Animal Urges

We discovered this typographer from the UK, and we just love his instincts. With typographical critters that range from prehistoric to marsupial, he's anything but sluggish, though he does include a snail.

Dabbles in Web Design: Fractalicious Goodness

Read and view how fractals, web design and math are all related and can be beautiful too!

Zero Waste Packaging Solutions

In today's environmentally aware marketplace, finding new ways to cut back on packaging is in both consumer and producer interest. Earning his master's in packaging at Pratt Institute, NY, last year, graduate student Aaron Mickelson came up with a few very nifty, zero-waste ideas.

The Art of Ebru

We recently got the old paintbrushes out here at Headjam for a special new project (shh! We'll show you soon!), and in our research we came across this incredible Turkish arform, ebru.

Tim Navis - Namaskard, Iceland

The colours and textures that photographer Tim Navis has captured in these shots of Namaskard, Iceland are truly captivating.

Apostle No 2

Long time friend of ours Lucas Maddock, a multi disciplinary artist based in Melbourne, contacted us earlier this month about a project he was working on.

Nature and Design

On the way into the studio the other day Nicola found this beautiful gum tree leaf on the ground. It firmly secured a thought we have always had that nature really is the best designer out there.

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